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2016 Grand Prize Winner Update

April 28, 2016

Since winning the 2016 Bright Ideas STEM from Today's Youth competition, Hannah has been busy with school activities and further developing her Bright Idea. Here, she shares her experience after her first meeting with Astralis Group.

I’m still in shock that I won the Bright Ideas STEM from Today’s Youth competition! After a few short weeks of celebrating, I had the opportunity to meet with Astralis Group, the product and tech innovation firm that will help me develop a business plan and potentially make my Bright Idea a reality.

It was an exciting day. After an introductory meeting with the Bright House Networks team and Astralis CEO, Scott Faris, we went on an hour-long tour of the firm’s lab to see STEM innovations in-the-works. Mr. Faris explained how each invention was imagined, designed, tested and built. It was all so enlightening - I had no idea how much testing and work goes into developing a final product!

Back in the conference room, Mr. Faris walked me through the steps involved in further developing my Bright Idea. We covered a lot of ground, including: the science behind the idea, patents, target customers, competitors, product design, performance standards, studies to prove the device will outperform others already on the market, and more. We even brainstormed product names, possible enhancements and ways the device could make money and succeed in the marketplace.

I was thrilled when Mr. Faris offered to arrange an introduction to a hospital group that has expressed interest in my idea. Plus, Astralis will work with me to develop a prototype for the meeting!

Astralis provided me with insights and contacts I could not possibly have acquired on my own. As a student, it was a completely new experience to even think about developing strategic partnerships and acquiring patent and trademark rights.

One of my favorite parts of the day was the lab tour. The products in development showed how the power of STEM can be harnessed to make something amazing. They were the epitome of innovation, and it made me excited to think that someday my Bright Idea could be in the marketplace, too. The whole process of brainstorming, designing and further developing my Bright Idea is thrilling. I can’t wait for the next step!